Core Services

At Digiverti.com, we make recruitment easy and cost-effective for you, regardless of the nature of your business or industry. Customizing your employee hitches, so as to make them foolproof for your needs and flawless in nature. We have a set of services designed to give you peace of mind with cost-saving, hassle free and time-efficient solutions.

Following are the core services that we are very well ‘au fait’ with. We identify your requirements to help you with a customized solution with our services.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing is extensively used for hiring candidates with extensive experience and knowledge on contract basis. This option ensures that you get all the benefits of an accomplished candidate without incurring the long term commitment of a permanent hire. This helps organizations to quickly ramp up project teams with as many qualified consultants as are required to fill short-term or long-term needs. Difference between Contract and temporary staffing is that the former staffing option is done for each individual position and not for the function as whole. Contract employees are individually chosen and hence are generally more professional. As the name suggests, association between the organization and the employee lasts for fixed duration and is subject to renewal.

Contract staffing helps companies add to the workforce selectively and in specific areas. At Digiverti.com we take special care to respond to your needs, our contract job placement division has access to an extensive pool of expert consultants from varied positions ranging from Junior to Senior Levels.

Contract Staffing

As the name suggests, this staffing options is for hiring permanent employees. Permanent staffing ensures that you have a loyal set of helping hands, who are set in the ways of your company. Unlike in temporary staffing, you need not constantly train the candidates to meet your requirements. In temporary or contact staffing, where the commitment is time constrained or project constrained and one has a definite time restraint to end the commitment, eventually giving one the option of choosing the staff again if need be. Permanent staffing is bypassing the constant selection process and the hassle of re-initiating and retraining people for a specific structured task time and again. Hence it is essential that the candidate understand and comprehend the process in the first initiation. This can only be achieved by ensuring that an apt candidate with required skills and knowledge and sometimes experience is hired. The very process is tedious and time consuming although essential to the core. Since this is a long term commitment, there are far more options to consider while employing or being employed. In most cases it is better to hire a temporary staff and eventually decide on taking the candidate on the permanent payroll.

This is where Digiverti.com comes in the picture. We cut to the chase and line up the best candidates for your selections. Understanding your needs and lining up a bunch of apt candidates so you can easily choose a felicitous employee is our chief goal.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing is one of the most convenient staffing options when facing brief staff shortages which can arise due to a multitude of factors. For example Holidays, Maternity leave, peak seasons and shortage of working hands, economic peaks and troughs, special or short term projects etc. Temporary Staffing option can also be effectively used as a trial method before the candidate is hired as a permanent employee.

Temporary staffing provides you the freedom and breathing space with the number of employees that could otherwise sound overwhelming with respect to permanent employment. This staffing option arms you with a work force without taxing you with the liabilities of permanent staffing.

We at Digiverti.com ensure and maintain an extensive pool of qualified candidates so as to be able to respond to your needs as quickly and effectively as possible. Our dependable temporary employees are available when you need them. We ensure that the candidates are well prepared to handle short, medium or long term temporary work. In case you wish that the services of a certain temporary employee should be made permanent, we gladly make that happen.

Payroll Staffing

Payroll staffing is a way to reduce the company's cost in the management of contingent employees and to mitigate the company's risk in employing them. Payroll staffing deals with long term temporary workers to client company, where although the workers are recruited by the client company, mostly where the employees are tested and approved to meet the desired standards but are in effect employees of the supplier firm providing the payroll services.

Payroll Staffing is a great option when you want all the benefits of permanent staffing without the hassles. Managing all your Payroll Tax Obligations, Producing and delivering your Employees’ Checks, the Payroll Staffing option takes care of all your payroll responsibilities for you.

Be Where Your Audience Is

The Digiverti.com search team will take the time to understand your business, your social networking goals and your target market to ensure proper advertising on Facebook and LinkedIn to reach your intended audience. If you already have a social media presence, we will work with it to ensure a smooth integration. If not, we will create, test and maintain campaigns that work for you.

No Long Term Contract

We don’t lock you in for the same reason we don’t promise unrealistic results. We strive to deliver results that wow, but we also understand the pressures of feeling “locked in”. There is a signed agreement, but no legal handcuffs that many of our agency friends require.

Interested in learning more about our social media marketing services? Contact one of our Online Marketing Consultants for more information.